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Taking Phentermine 37.5

Phentermine 37.5 is prescribed by health care providers for those that are extremely obese and wish to lose weight. The drug is manufactured and sold under a number of names. It can be obtained from the pharmacies as well as on the Internet.

Studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of the drug. It has been seen that those that were administered the drug lost weight faster than those that didn’t take the drug. This drug can be taken in both a capsule as well as a tablet form. The drug is extremely effective for the first few weeks.

The dosage for the drug is usually prescribed by the doctor. Most people would need to take the capsule only once during the day. But those that are morbidly obese or need to lose weight faster might need to take the drug more than once.

Phentermine 37.5 should be taken along with proper diet that includes nutritious food. You shouldn’t stop eating when you are taking the drug. Depending on the actual product, the capsule or the tablet should be taken right before breakfast or two hours after breakfast.

When you wish to lose weight, take the appropriate dosage. This will help you to lose weight effectively. The drug shouldn’t be taken in higher dosage than prescribed or for a longer duration of time. A higher drug dosage can easily lead to dependency on the drug.

The correct dosage of this medicine will vary on a number of issues. These include the actual product that contains Phentermine, how the body adjusts to the drug, whether a person has any medical conditions before they are using the drug, whether a person has any side effects after consuming the drug. Sometimes depending ion these factors, the health care provider may also adjust the drug dosage.

Just like any other drug, the side effects can happen, when you take the medicine. These usually stay for the period of one week after which they disappear once the body gets used to taking the drug. In case the side effects don’t subdue, contact your health care provider.

Some of the common side effects are insomnia, restlessness, dizziness, dry mouth, headaches, sexual disinterest and high blood pressure. However, these are not the only side effects. If you experience any serious side effects or are unable to adjust to the drug, then meet your health care provider immediately.

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