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Target of the Month – Get Ripped Abs

Adopt Weight and Resistance Training in your exercise regimen:

Are you still performing regular abs exercises (like crunches and sit-ups) but have not yet acquired the flat stomach you have been dreaming? The time has come to finally leave the mattress and catch the weights. It is time to start using weights and resistance exercises in your training program. These exercises use a combination of increased resistance with weights, and in addition to the usual abs exercises they will increase the intensity of your fitness, so as to have faster results. Weight exercises will also tone your front, side and deeper muscle layers of your torso, for a total abdominal strengthening. Combine the weight program with your usual aerobic exercise and a calorie controlled diet: within a few weeks you will admire in the mirror a flat and sexy tummy that you always wanted to have.

Muscle Mechanics

The stomach region consists of four major muscles that work together to help your spinal cord to bend and also to make the top and bottom of your body torso to turn and pull in the abdomen. The front abdominal extends vertically from the pubic bone to the bone of the sternum. The external oblique muscles run diagonally from the bottom of the ribs to the pelvis. The internal oblique muscles are below them and move diagonally, and conversely. The transverse abdominal is lower than the other muscles and gets activated when the other muscles get contracted.

Exercise Strategy

As Mylene Dane stressed, “Most people do not ever increase the intensity of their abdominal exercises. They just do more crunches until they stop seeing results”. Mylene Dane is the creator and co-owner of Train West Hollywood gym in California. But as happens with other muscles, the abdominals become tighter when the exercises get more difficult. The conclusion: Instead of doing more repetitions, give variety to your exercises to ensure they are targeted to all groups of your abdominal muscles, and also add more resistance to your old and new exercises.

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