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Ten Steps to Prevent Bruising, Step 4 – You Should Consider This Second Change to Your Diet!

When you consider how you are you are going to reduce bruising easily, you are already aware that you need to significantly reduce eating foods that are high in fat and sugar or are highly processed, but do you have any idea what you really should be eating? If your easy bruising is caused by age and the resultant breakdown of your skin and your capillary walls, this is a condition that can be overcome by improving your habits, and one of the foremost habits that you can affect is correct eating behavior.

If you are going to modify your diet to help reduce easy bruising, you need to consider which foods that will nourish your body while not increasing your blood pressure levels. Many people must deal with high blood pressure, and others are completely unaware that they even have a blood pressure problem. You must evaluate the foods that you are eating, with an emphasis on lowering your sodium intake.

When you want to reduce bruising through diet, take a moment and think about whether you can cook more at home. One reason why so many people get blindsided about how high their blood pressure is due to the fact that they eat out and are unaware of how the food is prepared. You might be surprised by how much salt and fat goes into restaurant food.

To make the diet changes that you need, start looking into your protein intake. The nice thing is that when you want to improve your body’s ability to reduce bruising easily, you are going to need to think about how you are going to get more lean protein into your diet, rather than eliminating it. Look into very lean cuts of beef, and eating more poultry and pork, as well.

You can increase your protein intake in your diet by adding eggs, but this does raise the question of how much cholesterol this adds. You should note that the particular type of cholesterol that gets ingested into your body from eggs can actually help prevent you from some forms of bodily injuries, when taken in moderation.

One of the best ways to help reduce bruising easily is to look into getting more vegetables into your diet. Eating more vegetables will give your body the nutrients that it needs to heal itself more quickly, and it will also help bring down your sodium intake. Just be careful not to cook them in ways that include too much fat or salt; eating vegetables raw is a great way to stay healthy.

When you are deciding which vegetables that you are planning to cook, keep in mind that you should avoid veggies that are essentially colorless. For instance white potatoes are alright occasionally, but understand that they are basically just a starch with only limited nutritional value. Conversely, sweet potatoes are an excellent source of beta carotene and fiber.

When you think about changing your diet, cutting fatty meats and including more vegetables will likely help you to achieve the results that you want to see to prevent bruising. Also consider the benefits of adding a daily supplement program like Bruises Be Banned which has been proved to help you overcome your easy bruising and help you reduce bruising easily or prevent bruising altogether.

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