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The Best Tips to Conceive a Bouncing Baby Boy

Do you know that there are ways to conceive a boy? There are really ways and methods on how to do it and one is by monitoring your ovulation period to enhance the possibility of having your own little boy.

Timing of sexual intercourse is one of the important things to get you into this favor.

Male and female sperm varies

There are two kinds of sperms. One is the Y chromosomes and the other one is the X chromosomes. When the X sperm reaches the female egg first, it only means that a girl will follow, but if the Y sperm reaches the egg first, it means that you get a boy child.

You should rely more on the tips to conceive a young boy. Who knows, you are lucky enough to have one that will make you feel fulfilled and contented.

There are ways to see if there are enough Y sperm available than X sperm. You can identify through the time of your ovulation. The Y sperm is a fast swimmer. It can swim more than the X sperm. This is due to its lightweight. On the other hand, the X sperm does not have the capability of surviving inside your body for a long period of time due to the fact that they are hard and resilient.

How to monitor your ovulation perfectly?

You can enhance the chances of having a baby boy by withholding sex until the day before the ovulation period and the day of ovulation. It will let the Y sperm to swim to the eggs before it perish. It is the reverse of needing to bear a girl child; it simply means that you could have sex two and three days prior to your ovulation. This will make the girl sperm cell perish, allowing only the X sperm to remain inside to reach the egg.

How to identify the time of ovulation?

It is not possible to choose the day of ovulation. However, there are ways to track it. These ways are through ovulation calendar, basal body temperature, cervical mucus and checking to detect your ovulation signs. These tips to conceive are effective for somebody who wants to bear a bouncing baby boy.

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