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The Proper Way To Do Cardio For Maximum Fat Loss

It’s not unusual for fitness professionals to suggest that people desirous of weight loss and heart health focus on aerobic workouts. The suggestions usually sound like this: “Do steady pace carido for 30 to 60 minutes three to five days every week.” This is important if you’re looking for some ways on how to lose weight fast.

I want you to consider how that scientific research has shown that steady cardio is not only boring, but isn’t very effective. To begin with, you need to recognize that our body is designed for bursts of energy followed by recovery, not a steady continuous exertion.

Steady activity like a cardio workout can’t even be observed in animals. The majority of competitive sports require bursts of energy followed by rest.Marathon runners are a good illustration of the difference between endurance and stop-go training.

Sprinters are look lean muscular, and strong while marathon runners look emaciated and sickly. Which one do you want to look like? You’d probably want to know how to lose weight fast.

Something else about training at various rates is the effect on the inside of the body.Free radicals are produced during endurance training that result in chronic disease and joint problems.

The body’s anti-oxidant levels are greater in variable intensity training that boosts immunity and increases metabolism.

What makes endurance training even worse is that it covers only a specific range of heart rates. Research has shown that training your heart to rapidly increase and decrease in rate helps people deal with stress. The body doesn’t learn to handle rapid changes in blood pressure or heart rate with endurance training.

The bursts of energy used in exertion help the body improve its response to the stimulus it receives during exercise.More people quit cardio training because it’s boring, while fewer quit variable cyclic training.Higher metabolism, improved immunity, a healthier heart, and less muscle wasting and healthier joints are all ways that variable cyclic training is better than endurance training.

Here is an example of a session of interval training on a treadmill that mimics the variable intensity of weight lifting and competitive sports:

Warm up by jogging or walking for 3-4 minutes.
1st interval: run for 1 minute at 8 miles per hour.
2nd interval: for 90 seconds at 4 miles per hour.
3rd interval: for 60 seconds, run at a pace of 10 mph.
4th interval: Walk for 90 seconds at a 4 mph rate. For an intense workout, repeat all these intervals four times in twenty minutes.

From this article, you should understand the need to vary the intensity of your workouts to get the most benefit.

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