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The Truth About Bad Breath – What Causes It?

Bad breath is a huge problem that not everyone fully realizes. The big problem at play is that most people, even dentists, believe that bad breath is merely a consequence of failure to maintain a clean mouth. While lack of proper brushing and flossing definitely contributes to bad breath in most people, it’s by no means the whole story. There are many people who suffer from bad breath no matter how much they brush.

This leads to an even bigger problem, because it sets up bad breath victims to be seen as unclean or lazy people who are deserving of their situation. Most people think that bad breath is an easy thing to control; if you your breath stinks, they assume that it’s your own fault.

The truth is that I myself am a chronic bad breath sufferer. As a victim of this horrible problem, I know first hand that it is definitely not just about how much you brush your teeth. Because I was always insecure about my bad breath, I overcompensated by brushing obsessively. It never helped.

And that’s not the end of it! When you have constant bad breath, another unfortunate side effect is that you tend to constantly worry about your breath, even when it’s perfectly fine. It’s not rare at all for a chronic bad breath sufferer to become a mint addict, but mints have a tendency to just dry your mouth out and make the problem worse.

The reason that some people suffer from bad breath while others don’t tends to come down to the geographical shape of the tongue. The bacteria that cause bad breath loves to hide in the many grooves and cavities that the tongue holds; the more of these spaces that your tongue happens to have for the bacteria to hide, the more persistent your bad breath will be.

However, while a popular remedy, a tongue scraper is usually not enough to cure bad breath on its own. There is a common misconception out there that a tongue scraper is all you need to get rid of your bad breath.

I consider myself a personal success story because I now have my breath under control to the point where I’m no longer embarassed all of the time. And that’s a big thing for me to say, because for the longest time I could never picture myself ever saying that. Curing bad breath is possible, but it takes a little bit of education and understanding.

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