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The Truth About Dual Colon Cleanse

Both conventional and holistic physicians are inclined to advise their patients to have a Dual Colon Cleanse as detoxification has become a common term and procedure among people from all walks of life. Studies have shown that a great number of medical conditions arise from harmful toxins created by long stored waste from undigested food inside the digestive tract. This procedure will enable one to be free from these toxins and wastes from their system.

People may live their lives on a daily basis without knowing what is happening inside their colons. The digestive tract is known to occupy a large space in our system; when one tries to use laxatives or simple fiber, it would most often just flush out the waste in the outer areas of the digestive tract. When one does a Dual Colon Cleanse, not only will the outer layers of the digestive tract be cleaned, but the entire system as well. It is similar to that of cleaning a bendy straw after consuming a milkshake; you can clean it outside and some parts of the tube, but not all of it. However, if one uses a thorough cleaner, it will become clear once again.

Contrary to popular belief that the Dual Colon Cleanse procedure is only done in clinics by doctors, one can efficiently accomplish this at home. Salt water flushing has been found to be the most popular procedure for the Dual Colon Cleanse treatment. Sea salt is used to achieve the goal of this procedure; though one must make sure that they are indeed using sea salt and not just the regular salt as the effect may be different as it is expected.

Detoxification or colon cleansing may not always be as much of a pleasing procedure as one hopes it to be. It should be expected as it is cleaning. To be able to do this procedure at home provides comfort and confidence to one who wishes to do a Dual Colon Cleanse. Preparing oneself on the procedure and what to expect in the process will prove most beneficial. This is best done in a day where one need not go out of the house to avoid any untoward incident. A light dinner should be taken the night before the procedure and sleep for at least 6 hours. As soon as one wakes up, they should make and immediately drink the salt water solution and must not take breakfast. They can go about their normal morning and within an hour or two, they will feel the need to have a bowel movement. Several movements may be expected and is normal in this procedure.

After a successful colon cleansing, one will feel lighter and very much different from the time before they have done the procedure. Weight loss is also to be expected as part of the results of this treatment. One’s mood and entire life’s outlook may also be changed for the better. There will be visible improvements in one’s skin, hair and nails due to the higher absorption levels of nutrients by the freshly cleaned digestive tract.

One must regularly clean their colons as this will ensure that they will live a life with a clean and healthy digestive tract. Salt flushing is the most advised method of the Dual Colon Cleanse; however, this flushing method does not have any filters. With this, it should be known that while the salt flushes out the toxins and the bad bacteria, it also carries out the good ones. This is why Probiotic rich food and drinks should be taken after the cleansing for one to be able to replenish the good bacteria which may have been expelled in the process of cleansing.

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