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Thermage Treatment – The Quick and Safe Way To Celebrity Looks

Thermage has made it possible to gain rejuvenated skin and get rid of wrinkles without facing surgery. Thermage was invented in 2002 and was primarily used for facial treatments. However, the procedure has also been approved by the FDA for use on other body parts. Plastic surgery procedures are costly and cause too much trouble, due to which Thermage is fast becoming the first choice for many people.

The effectiveness of Thermage therapy lies in the stimulation of collagen, a fibre in the skin’s inner layer, through radio waves. As explained at vitiligo treatments such new technologies are increasingly being used in the cosmetic surgery field. The heat generated from these radio waves produces new collagen, which brings firmness in the skin and removes wrinkles, resulting in a youthful look. To avert the risk of the skin’s outer layer being scorched due to the heat, a cooling device called ThermaTip is used.

It is possible to apply Body Thermage to almost any part of the body, and the procedure is often used to treat flabby upper arms and thighs. This means that the whole body can look well toned and young. New mothers have also found Thermage to be of great use in getting rid of the sagging skin and regaining a firmer and younger look. Pregnancy related stretch marks, which mothers often find very hard to remove, can also be easily treated through Thermage.

As reported at the smart lipo clinic site, patients do not complain of any serious side effects after undergoing a Thermage procedure. Some cases of reddening of the skin or mild blistering have been observed. However, these problems vanish in a maximum of 10 days.

The improvement in the skin after undergoing a Thermage treatment continues for several weeks. The effect of the procedure is however apparent for years, making it one of the best treatments for skin rejuvenation.

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