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Thinning Hair Men – Why It Happens

Hair loss and thinning hair in men are very common with over 60% of men expected to have thinning hair and baldness in their lives. Hair loss can cause great emotional distress.

An enzyme called Dht is the main reason that men lose their hair and it gets progressively thinner. Dht attacks the hair at the root and makes it shrink more and more until it eventually falls out. Dht is produced by testosterone. Interestingly hair at the back and sides seems to usually be resistant to the damaging effects of Dht and this is why hair at the back and sides usually keeps its thickness and keeps growing throughout ones life in normal cases of hair loss (also known as Male Pattern Baldness.)

Of course there is a huge demand for products that thicken hair for the millions of people that suffer thinning hair and baldness. And there are literally thousands of products that promise to do this.

The fact though is that there are only 2 products approved by the FDA as a hair loss treatment. These are finasteride and minoxidil. Finasteride inhibits the formation of Dht and it is widely believed that minoxidil increases the flow of blood to the hair follicles. Both products have had success in slowing down further hair loss and thinning hair and even halting further thinning. In a few cases new hair has started to regrow as a result of using these products. Results of using the products can take up to one year before they are achieved and vary from person to person.

Of course there are thousands of products promising thicker hair and a reduction in hair loss and thinning hair although as mentioned before only Minoxidil and Finasteride have actually been medically proven to have any effect. If one does opt for an alternative product to these two it is highly recommended that one knows exactly what ingredients are in the products used, for the individuals’ health and safety requirements.

Lastly, wigs and hairpieces might also be suitable for certain individuals and can result in the appearance of a full head of hair, the costs though must be taken into account as at the top end these can run into several thousand dollars and have ongoing maintenance charges.

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