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The powerful effects of keeping a food journal were illustrated in the second week of “The Biggest Loser” as the people gained firsthand experience of this important dietary tool.Keeping records of all food intake has the effect of magnifying weight loss when compared to not recording anything, according to Jillian Michaels. You may have read some on this topic at the biggest loser forum.

You would think that everyone trying to lose weight would keep records of food intake seeing the kind of results doing so and offer: it sounds like a “no brainer.” On the TV show, the participants started recording everything they ate and drank, as well as the nutritional value of what they ate. They found out how a journal can help them become the biggest loser.

This way, they knew exactly how many calories and what kind of nutrition they were taking them to their bodies on a daily basis.Having begun an awareness of weight while I was a child, logging my food intake is now natural to me. This has been very beneficial.

I find this is a perfect way to document my performance, plus it offers accountability and something to show for all my effort. This is how to lose weight fast.

When I review my records, I see the days I failed (like when I have eaten a lot of junk food) and I see the days I succeeded (when I consumed minimal amounts of calories). this tends to galvanize my efforts and weight management. When you record your performance in the journal, you want to record things that you can be proud of, providing an incentive to be able to good habits.

Hopefully, the things I have shared with you and the example you saw on “The Biggest Loser” will motivate you to track your daily food habits too.

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