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Treating cough with medicinal herbs

The winter is coming soon, and so are the many common diseases related to the respiratory system that often come along with it. One of the most common problems is cough, that we’ve all most probably already had problems with. However, cough can be avoided relatively simply and effectively by using herbal remedies. Even in the case that a person already has complications due to cough, medicinal herbs can even help to get rid of this annoying condition pretty fast.

One of the most common herbs that are used in treating or preventing cough are plantago, horsetail, and common ivy.

The first one of the mentioned, plantago (Plantago major) is known to be a effective remedy for cough, and other various other diseases or conditions related to the respiratory system. It has also been discovered that some substances in this plant also have antibiotic effects.

The second we mentioned is a herb called horsetail (Equisetum arvense). This plant is also useful for various conditions. It can be used to treat rheumatic problems, chronic cough, and even leg swelling caused by problems with substance exchange in the body. It is also known to treat problems with bladder and kidneys.

The last one, common ivy (Hedera helix), is a very effective herb for healing cough, and problems related to it. It is mostly used in form of syrups, but tea from the leaves of this herb can also be prepared.

These are just some of the many natural herbal remedies that can help in preventing and treating cough, and they can be used either seperately, or even better, one can prepare a herbal mixture, by mixing same amounts of every of the above mentioned herbs. This herbal mixture can than be drinked two to three times per day, throughout the time period when there is a higher risk of diseases or conditions related to the respiratory system.

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