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Tried And Tested Treatments For Hair Loss.

Treatments for hair loss are important. Hair loss is a situation that has demanded the immediate attention of specialists as they try to address the problem of insecurities deriving from it. In men the most stressful condition is baldness where hair ceases to grow in places where it once grew, particularly areas of the head. But in women hair loss takes more unfamiliar forms ranging from patches with little hair, to hair loss on normal hair edges. In hair follicles where hair is made amino acids (building blocks for protein) are converted into keratin, the protein substance that is used to make hair. Now hair loss is caused by a variety of things. It can be hereditary whereby hair loss is in the genes and is passed down to future generations, and it can be caused by stress tension on the scalp; not washing the scalp or an inadequate diet.

Start patiently by washing your scalp thoroughly. Why this works is because the accumulated dirt on the scalp tends to block the pores through which hair grows. And even though a dirty scalp won. ‘t exactly stop your hair from growing it will cause hair loss. This is so because the roots of hair are usually weakened by dirt in the scalp. Hence when combing your hair you will see how uprooted hair is left on the comb.

The next thing you must do is apply hair foods like petroleum jelly mixed with the Marijuana oil. Hair food basically strengthens weakened hair roots and makes them stronger. Haven. ‘t you ever noticed how the dreadlocks of Rastafarians are so long and taut? Amla oil (coconut oil and amla); Mustard oil mixed with henna leaf juice and the paste from green pepper seeds have been known to nourish the hair and make it grow.

It is argued that the cause of hair loss is closely linked to ones diet. As I mentioned before, keratin is made from protein derived from amino acids. Hence you should eat protein rich foods like meat; fish; eggs; beans and meat. IF your diet is well supplemented with protein safe supplements you can even treble the effect.

Other dietary requirements that help treat the loss of hair include eating food that has Vitamin B; Folic acid and Vitamin A. Good sources of Vitamin B are whole wheat; soya beans and yeast. Vitamin A promotes the health of the skin and it is derived from pumpkins; carrots; broccoli; liver; milk; eggs and cheese. Folic acid is a Vitamin B that aides in the formation of new cells.

Part of the treatment for hair loss is the combing of your hair. Ensure that when you comb your hair it is wet and moist. Combing your hair when it’s dry will obviously tear your hair away and damage the skin pores through which hair emerges.

One last thing: refrain from using pharmaceutical drugs treat hair loss. Drugs like Minoxidil; Tricomin and finasteridine have been ineffective for some people resulting in undesirable side-effects.

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