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Two Different Strategies for Abdominal Exercises

Yes it is possible to get flat and fit abdominals with a training of 20 minutes if accompanied by a comprehensive training program with weights, aerobics and proper diet.
Overall there are two groups of thoughts in the fitness world regarding the abdominal workout. It is the theory of a few repetitions and high intensity (weights) and the theory of many repetitions with low intensity (weights). This article will discuss briefly the main arguments from both sides, and suggest the best abdominal strategy in my opinion.

First Exercise Strategy:
The abdominal muscle is just another body muscle like the other ones. Why do we need to train the abdominals differently than other muscles? If we want to have an impressive and strong six-pack we need to do what we do for the chest or biceps muscles, which is training two times a week with the traditional «magical» 3×10 manner of sets / repetitions.

The intensity is determined, either with weights, for example with crunches using weights or crunches with a weight bar, or of course using the body weight by increasing the angle at which the abdominals are performed. The abdominal muscle is a unified muscle, although externally looks similar to six or eight pack in some people. This sought after separation is due to the tendon sheaths of the abdominal enabling him to «fold» since the main objective-at least according to this perspective, is to bend the chest down. The theory of upper and lower abdominal is practically wrong, although some studies have shown different activation over the lower parts in exercises due to the abdominal fed by three nerves. Yet the differences are negligible. Enthusiasts of this exercise strategy are mainly bodybuilders and power lifters.

Second Exercise Strategy:

The abdominal muscles are considered core muscles which consist almost entirely of red muscle fibers. The red muscle fibers have slow oxidation and are present at the neck, side spinal and other supporting muscles, and do not need to provide great power. Their purpose is to keep the body stable and provide the necessary support in moving joints. That means we need to exercise abdominal muscles for resistance to power, with many repetitions and frequent training. Moreover, a training program that is already «heavy» in the central nervous system, and includes squads, deep seats, Olympic waivers, discharges and accelerations etc the last thing an athlete needs is another way to use up the neurotransmitters. Besides, the abdominal receives all the high intensity charge needed from the previous high-intensity exercises. The deep seats themselves are exhaustive for abdominal training. Apart from the above, many repetitions with few pounds in an isolated approach has tendency to over exercise abdominals. On the other hand, the few repetitions with many pounds leave the deep muscles  such as the transverse and lateral muscles unaffected and have a bad effect on the back.

What’s the Best Exercise Strategy:

Just use both of the strategies mentioned above. The truth is somewhere in the middle. If the abs appearance is first priority then a basic hypertrophy is necessary to show off the stomach but also to have muscle power. Use the first strategy for this. I know people who have single digits fat but have no ripped abdominals, simply because there is nothing to show. Moreover, many bodybuilders with fat in the middle tenths have abdominals showing more because they are big and strong. Of course genetically defined muscle shape plays an important role.
It is however a fact that whether you are a bodybuilder or athlete, we need a strong «core» on which we express our strength and explosiveness with safety and efficiency. The essence is to have in mind the period of exercising. Both strategies are needed at different times with different exercise method regimes. Generally, athletes would better stay with the second approach, because the risk of over exercising is high, while for bodybuilders should exercise the abdominals using both ways.

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