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Unhealthy diets for losing weight

Today weight loss diets are everywhere and new ones are becoming available almost daily. This article is focused on debunking some of the myths and unearthing some unhealthy facts about these diets. Many of these diets do produce a temporary weight loss but often at great expense to your physical health and what’s worse sometimes the weight comes back even quicker than you lost it.

1. Carbohydrates

The myth of avoiding carbohydrates has been perpetuated by the famous Atkins diet. The low carb diets claim that a high protein low carbohydrate diet is the most efficient way to lose weight. Studies have shown that it does work at losing weight but what the diet perpetuator’s don’t tell you is that as soon as you resume your normal eating habits the weight will come back. A low carb diet is not sustainable in the long run and can lead to various nutritional deficiencies.

2. Fat

There are 2 kinds of fat; good fat and bad fat. Saturated and trans fat are the bad type, they are found in fast food and fried dishes. On the other hand poly saturated and omega-3 are good fats. They are found in fish, olive oil and unrefined fruits and vegetables. These good fats are essential to a healthy diet, always read the label on any food you buy and you will realize exactly what type of fat it contains. Avoid the bad ones if you are looking to lose weight or to stay healthy.

3. Skipping meals

This is a terribly unhealthy myth that has been doing the rounds for years. A balanced and structured diet is one of the key components to losing weight and staying healthy. Skipping a meal will ultimately help you to gain weight and not the reverse, with no food to burn your metabolism will slow down. This results in other meals being harder to burn off and an increase in weight. Studies have shown that eating smaller regular meals throughout the day is the most conducive and healthy method to losing weight. Don’t fool yourself that by not eating dinner or lunch you are going to lose weight.

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