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Use Humidifers to Create a Rainforest Style Bedroom

Mariah Carey is famous all around the world, and not just for her singing. The award winning singer is recognised all around the world for her over the top demands. Her most recent request included 20 white kittens and 100 white doves so accompany her while she turned on the Christmas lights at Westfield Shopping Centre.

Suprisingly enough, Westfield Shopping Centre went along with the 100 doves, however, they did refuse the kittens as no pets are allowed within the centre. These 2 demands weren’t the only things on the singers list. She also wanted a pink carpet (not the standard red), 80 security guards, a Rolls Royce and finally a wand to ‘wave’ on the lights. All of which were agreed to!

These demands from her are nothing new, the singer even has high demands at home. She insists on having rainforest like humidity levels in her bedroom. She achieves this type of climate by using 20 humidifers surrounding her bad which creates a steam room type astmosphere. The reason why she does this is because it helps to preserve her vocal cords, just one of the many benefits of a humidifier. I wonder whether she uses a ceiling fan to remove all the steam in the morning.

Many people would consider her demands to be extremely high and costly, however, she’s not alone. There are many other music artists that have high demands. Guns N’ Roses insist on having a wide range of adult magazines, including Playboy and Penthouse. Cher is another, she demands to have a second dressing room just for her wigs. The last one, and possibly the biggest competitor for Mariah is Iggy Pop, he gives his host 18 pages worth of detailed and lengthy requests. Some of which are no toy robots and plastic seahorses.

Although of all those singers are demanding, none of them are known for using humidifiers, despite their health benefits. I’m also a little surprised that none of them use air purifiers as these tend to have considerable health benefits. Especially when you consider how important a singer’s lungs are, a air purifier can clean the air of dust and impurities.

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