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Why Hasn’t There Been A Yasmin Recall?

Without question, folk take prescription drugs to feel better or to serve a positive purpose. Unfortunately, numerous medications have been released on a gullible public that have basically made people who were quite well seriously ill. The contraceptive, Yasmin, is one of these tablets. Lots of girls have reported moderate to serious complications after taking the drug, and many are pondering why there hasn’t been a Yasmin recall yet. You might think the FDA would get involved in policing a medication that is being proven to cause heart attacks, strokes, and even death, and that it would force Bayer, the company that produces Yasmin, to recall the defective tablets. So far, this hasn’t happened.

Women and their families are crying out for justice. Why should a multi-billion dollar company be allowed to market tablets they knew could cause major health issues? Why should they be allowed to continue to rake in the profits now that so many unsuspecting patients have got sick? It just isn’t fair that ladies are suffering and loaded with giant debt due to hospital bills and lost wages while the company just keeps on pumping out the pills.

One mummy reports that her daughter’s Problems all started when an OB / GYN put her on Yasmin because she had irregular periods. The girl afterwards developed grim headaches, stomach afflictions, eating Problems, depression and panic fits, and hypertension. She was only a college freshman when all of this hit her and had always been healthy before taking the pills. This young lady finally got off the Yasmin, but not before her parents were compelled to pay not just the OB / GYN consultant but also a regular doctor, a psychiatrist, and a psychologist, doctors and advisors at the girl’s school. After all of that hassle and cost as well as the suffering, it’s no wonder the mother is searching for some kind of Yasmin recall and settlement.

By performing some research online you are going to be able to discover a lot of information about all the many sorts of health issues ladies have developed because of the use of Yasmin. If you believed that you were an isolated case, think again. This is a widespread problem, and if there’s any sense of fairness in the world, a Yasmin recall should be occuring any day now. In the past, the FDA already issued a letter of alert to Bayer for false advertising pertaining to Yasmin. Bayer had been airing advertisements saying that the drug would cure many different types of acne as well as PMS. These claims were deemed to be untrue which explains why the FDA reprimanded Bayer.

unfortunately, the FDA didn’t address the health problems related to the drug in their caution, probably because enough heavy cases had not been reported to them yet at that point. Although many drug issues are never reported to the FDA, so many ladies suffer from the complications of this contraceptive drug that a Yasmin recall is sort of unavoidable. Too bad that so many more girls will have to get sick before it can occur.

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