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Yes, There Definitely Are Remedies For A Toothache In Your Kitchen

Perhaps passing a kidney stone or having a baby is more painful, but it’s true that a toothache is the most traumatic agonies anyone can suffer with. The good news is that <a href=”” target=”_blank”>toothache pain</a> can often be lessened or even eliminated by a common spice that is available in every grocery store and costs only a few cents.

Except through blunt force trauma to the teeth, a toothache is not something that just happens overnight but is rather an accumulation of depreciation and erosion of the teeth as the years roll by.

Even though aren’t consciously aware of the changes inside your mouth millions of bacteria share your food and excrete it in the form of acids that de-mineralize your teeth. As a matter of fact it is by virtue of this process that tooth decay comes about, over a period of time, over many years

It’s not until you get that characteristic bolt of pain to the offending tooth or the drawn-out agonizing throbbing pain that never seems to subside that you realize to your horror that you have a dreadful toothache!

There are factors at play when it relates to toothaches.

You might have tooth sensitivity and no, this doesn’t involve your tooth touching base with its “feelings”, but rather the tooth’s increasing sensitivity to hot and cold liquids over the course of time. Sensitivity may just creep up on you until you’re abruptly in substantial pain.

Hypersensitivity is the term for a condition in which your teeth are exceedingly reactive to hot and cold. In point of fact just cold drafts can send your teeth into a tail spin. Even superfluous moisture can create a torturous pain in your mouth and jaw.

Sensitivity is experienced in the erosion of the tooth’s protective enamel layer. This occurs because we chew our food. Our chewing action is similar to that of a bevel: every time we grind our solid food in order to digest it, we also grind away the minerals we need to keep our teeth strong. The more we file down our teeth naturally through the action of eating, the more enamel we lose until our teeth get down close to the pulp. Since the layer of enamel begins to thin there’s less protection of the pulp, dentine and the nerve and because this layer thins, the more the nerve of the tooth feels the exterior elements of hot and cold and the more it feels pain.

If you have a toothache the foremost cure is natural. One popular cure is to locate a clove of garlic on the painful tooth. Garlic has healing and anesthetic properties which will not merely kill the bacteria causing the infection but will likewise provide some much needed relief to the agonized area.

For a long term solution, what you should be aiming for is to fix the tooth. Yes, teeth often do heal by themselves because they’re living entities with a blood flow. That’s what teeth are going to do naturally but it’s because of our poor diet and way of life that teeth are unable to do this as effectively as our ancestors teeth could do.

If given enough time and the proper diet of calcium-containing dairy foods, teeth should re-mineralize on their own. But because most of us eat lots of highly refined, sugary foods that continue to wear down the enamel, our teeth are never given a chance to repair themselves effectively.

If you truly want to forestall future tooth decay – and pain – rebuilding and strengthening your teeth is the key. The good news: it’s just not that hard to do!

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